Sport and well-being services

Villa Inzoi, Purolammentie 1, Siuntio, Finland


Personal exercise and coaching guidance, rehabilitation is mainly carried out at Villa Inzoi in Siuntio. We have a policy that takes account of the needs of the individual. Based on the initial interview, the necessary tests will be carried out and a realistic and feasible programme will be planned together. Sufficient recovery and nutrition are taken into account as part of a smooth everyday life.


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Ryhmäliikunta kevät 2024

”Kiitos Minna hyvin ohjatusta jumpasta, on aina ilo osallistua Minnan ohjaamiin jumppiin lempeästä kehonhuollosta sykettä nostattavaan teho tunneille”.  Saan tunneista aina

Kokouspäivä Hotelli Siuntio – Elä elämyksiä aidossa maalaismiljöössä, hyvinvoinnin alkujuurella

Liikuntamixeri tarjoaa monipuolisia palvelujaan yhteistyössä Hotelli Siuntion kanssa. Hotelli Siuntio sijaitsee keskellä maalaisidylliä upeissa luonnon maisemissa, lähellä pääkaupunkiseutua. Alueen luontopolut risteilevät keskellä vanhoja ikimetsiä ja jykeviä kallioita. Luonnossa

Well-being at work & KYKY days Investing in the well-being of employees is investing in the company’s performance. Our operating model guides decision-making and sustainability extract.

A peaceful and creative environment enables creativity and the emergence of new positive ideas.

VILLA INZOI – FEEL-GOOD IN THE rural milieu in Siuntio, close to the capital Rent for a self-service evening or try a full-service program! Idyllic and cozy whole!

Create new positive ideas !

Diverse offerings. We move and stop in nature, adventure, forest yoga, learn, hikes under Minna’s guidance.

Exercise mingler Inzoi currently directs group exercise classes indoors, by the pool and outdoors. The guidance also includes individual and group activities in the gym and various fitness support tests. During his activities, the sports mingler Inzoi has always emphasized preventive activities and self-management.

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