Heated as a meeting room, glass terrace, outdoor terraces and interior: 65″ TV with HDMI connection for performances, flip chart and tags, memos, pens, Post-it notes, 4G wireless connection. Nespresso coffee machine in use throughout the meeting.

A well-functioning meeting place for a small group in the countryside of clean air, also meeting outside.

Villa Inzoi offers a great setting for companies and entrepreneurs in Siuntio, near the Helsinki metropolitan area, for a meeting and work community day. As a small group, implement a meeting and work community day, or come and create a new one for remote work. Villa Inzoi is located in Siuntio, in the peace of the countryside, close to the capital region. As a small group, implement the meeting and work community day remotely, but together.

Working days remotely

Tasty breakfast, delicious lunch on the cozy glass terrace. Fruit and small sweets are served. The coffee machine is available to the group throughout the day. During the day, the mind and body calm down, although by taking a short break in the hammock.

Villa Inzoi organizes a versatile wellness programme for the working day, adding to the feel-good, energy and positive mind. There are e.g. massages, forest yoga, archery, break exercise, etc.

Ask for more information tel. 040 582 7488

Equipment: 65″ TV with HDMI connection for performances, flip chart and tuss, memos, 4G wireless connection Firestone fireplace, well equipped kitchen with accessories. Heated glass terrace 12 m², wood-heated sauna and hot tub. Outdoor terrace 40 m² and separate barbecue terrace, Barbecue area.

In the space, a wood-heated sauna and hot tub, the possibility of genuine domestic peat treatment, body care, a hot bath with relaxation for muscles and mind.

Welcome to develop and create new, positive ideas for your business.