Investing in the well-being of employees is investing in the company’s performance. Our operating model guides ourselves to leadership and responsibility. Each member of the work community is responsible for the well-being of the company. Working capacity is the foundation and cornerstone of well-being at work, and health-promoting lifestyles strengthen holistic health. How’s your body, do you recognize the load factors? Find your own way to strengthen well-being with regularity and routines in small steps.

SEIZE THE MOMENT, dare to surprise yourself!

“Minna is a top professional in comprehensive, communal well-being. He has a unique knack for coaching groups with a present, inspiring and inclusive approach. Minna is able to combine her long experience of preventive wellbeing and sports work with a current view of people’s and communities’ service needs. There is a great need for well-being services that restore Minna, maintain work capacity and build a sense of community in a performance-oriented distance.”

Nonfiction on topics:

• The impact of sleep and overall recovery on work efficiency and creativity

Match the exercises to help with musculoskeletal problems

• How to pause the workday and activate the muscles that maintain the position

Exercise that promotes working capacity in various activities.

Physical activity plays a key role in the prevention and treatment of diseases that threaten or impair the ability to work and function. Physical activity strengthens both physical and mental resources and reduces workers’ illnesses. The fit can withstand the load better and recover faster than the unfit one. Good functional capacity and fitness in relation to the requirements of work, especially in physically burdensome jobs, is important for work ability.

Inbody measurement measurement tells you what your body consists of

Inbody measurement provides additional motivation towards healthy lifestyles. Strengthen well-being with regularity and routines in small steps. Inbody measurement provides additional motivation towards healthy lifestyles. The research is quick, easy and detailed. Inbody can be used to assess, for example:

• the impact of visal fats on the potential health risk

• the balance of the muscles of the limbs in relation to each other;

• fluid balance of the body

• the ratio of fat and muscles in the body

• level of basic metabolism

Other tests to support functional capacity and rehabilitation:

Compressive force measurement

Mobility and muscle fitness testing

Deep abdominal muscle measur

“The comprehensive operating model developed by Minna Nieminen is long enough that the individual has the opportunity to adopt lifestyle change in the very things that are topical for each participant. So all members of our family were “winners” when the benefits were repeated and my own lifestyle change is part of our family’s life.”


“It’s good to wake up in time to listen to your own physical and mental state and resources and get to know yourself with the idea of How am I? You need a wake-up bean and an idea of what’s to come if there’s no change. Minna Nieminen was opening our eyes to the state of our own physical endurance and gave a start to the change.”


“Minna also gave me a good start and is implementing the change in small steps. Coaching exceeded my expectations, it is an activity guided with iron professionalism and a big heart. This kind of coaching works for each of us as what I think is a holistic self-coaching course.”