Liikuntamixeri Inzoi

Word sums up the most important elements of the company’s operations: Get excited and enjoy!

Minna Nieminen, founder of SportsMixeri Inzoi, has over 30 years of experience in the sports, rehabilitation and well-being sector. His expertise is based on training, solid experience, a strong knowledge base and holistic viewing to promote people's well-being.

Working with Minna is interactive and practical, from person to person. People's well-being, regardless of age, is a matter of Minna's heart. Inzoi uses nature as an operating environment in a wide range of activities; let's stop, move, adventure, forest yoga, learn, go camping under Minna's guidance.

'I'm by my side, I'm not pulling behind, I'm not pushing from the back – alongside encouragement, guiding, and caring.'

Liikuntamixeri Inzoi has developed a comprehensive service concept.

Liikuntamixeri Inzoi acts as a preventive, functional and continuous form of care for the care and rehabilitation of the elderly, which provides the client with perspective and the elderly in their own home.

An important partner is Maarit Rossi, Paths to Math. Maarit Rossi has developed a successful Paths to Math approach that is utilized in the pedagogical guidance of groups. His expertise was recognized and he was named one of the Top 10 teachers globally in the Global Teacher Prize 2016 competition.