Liikuntamixeri Inzoi has also been developing the model of active home care since 2004 in Western Uusimaa. The comprehensive concept of active home care emphasises prevention and functional capacity! The operating model supports the customer’s survival at home with activating treatments, taking into account individual needs. The operating model also includes the necessary home rehabilitation. Minna Nieminen has presented this operating model to the Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs and Health.


Joy and life in senior’s everyday life Pensioners’ recreation day with different themes includes important information, discussion, training and games

Active Home Care includes:

  • taking into account and implementing adequate and varied tasty food
  • maintaining and increasing basic everyday exercise where possible
  • implementation of exercises to strengthen balance and muscle strength
  • maintaining social relationships and supporting the customer’s ability to function socially
  • prevention of exclusion
  • support and guidance for adequate rest and sleep in the rhythm of the day
  • nursing and hygiene care
  • medical care and wound care
  • assistance and personal assistance

Information grains for everyday life:

  • Good sleep and tasty food are essential for health and well-being
  • Age is no barrier to new skills – brain active
  • How to prevent crash accidents – Clean up the pounds

Exercise session by choice, refreshment together

  • Unfortunate repellent moving at the rate of ever-permafies
  • Gentle exercise in nature, yard games
  • Balance – and muscle exercise with your own body

Minna has a multiprofess professional team

Together with Liikuntamixeri Inzoi, minna and her multiprofessional team work together, and the company has an extensive network and several partners.