Long Stay Holiday in Finland

LSH in Finland, Holiday Oasis is located in Siuntio, Uusimaa.

The municipality of Siuntio is about. 50 kilometers from Helsinki. Siuntio's nature is particularly rare and diverse. Especially exceptional cliffs with sweeping views of 360 degrees. Siuntio has plenty of protected nature areas as well as recreational areas, wilderness forests rich in forest lakes and lakes and rocky beaches. Siuntio has excellent opportunities to actively act during the holiday and to calm down, quiet down and let go of the noise and haste of everyday life.

Clean nature, clean air and clean water, clean food are the basic elements of the LSH in Finland holiday. Everyone has the opportunity to experience the abundance of nature and experience unforgettable experiences in nature.

Get rid of the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a real environment.

Canoe to the waters. The Siuntio River is part of the Natura area and is one of the most beautiful and special river basins in Uusimaa. A kayaking trip offers the opportunity to make a campfire and eat by the campfire, as well as explore the Sjundby stone castle, which was built in the 16th century. The day can also be combined with a golf tour in the seascapes.

Siuntio, Finland

We wish you the best experiences in idyllic Siuntio!

Siuntio is a tourist’s treasure trove. Siuntio’s old castles and mansions, valuable cultural landscape and impressive nature create an environment where the tourist’s mind rests. For those looking for activities and recreation, there are many recreational opportunities on offer such as golf, canoeing, horse riding, fishing, swimming, excursions and refreshing baths.