Villa Inzoi

Welcome to the development of Siuntio

Villa Inzoi is located in the middle of a country house in stunning natural landscapes, close to the metropolitan area. The area's nature trails cruise in the middle of old perennchisive forests and sly cliffs.

A peaceful and creative environment enables creativity and the emergence of new positive ideas.

For many possibilities, Villa Inzoi offers company staff maintenance days in the countryside. Active teamwork enables the creation of a new one, develops mind, openness and curiosity.

Work well-being & TYKY days Investing in staff well-being is an investment in a company’s performance. In our operating model, the instructor takes action and responsibility.

Flavors and pleasure, meals are carried out with thought, flavors up close and homemade. On-site baked ear hangers, cakes and pies take your tongue as it goes. Delicious quality food.

WORKING DAY REMOTE, Villa Inzoi in Siuntio, close to the Helsinki metropolitan area, offers companies and entrepreneurs a good setting for a meeting and work community day. As a small group, make a meeting and work community day or come to work remotely to create something new.

”If you’re healthy, you’re probably very happy, you’re fine and you’re lucky, you’ve got everything you need for a better life, even if it’s not all you want.”

”Happiness cannot be found by traveling, owning, spending money or spending. Goodness is an experience and an experience, living life to the fullest in an instant, being merciful and grateful.”