Massage is soft tissue treatment and it is a very old treatment. Massage has a lot of positive health effects on the body and mind. Massage has the potential to relieve body and mind overload, it relaxes holistically and increases the secretion of pleasure hormones. Massage is also an excellent way to treat muscle tension, boosting muscle and membrane circulation, metabolism and activating the elimination of slag substances. Take a breather with a massage!

Address: Villa Inzoi, Purolammentie 1, Siuntio

Massage of muscles and muscle membranes:

  • treatment is carried out with and without oil
  • help with body tension
  • helps normalize muscle function

Reversible soft tissue treatment:

  • helps relax your body and mind
  • helps with insomnia

“Thank you Minna for the massage. Your massage is not stroking, but suitably snuming and respectful of the body. Thank you for the hands that care for me make me feel like I’m important. And thank you for listening. You are so present at the massage and there is a strong feeling that the moment is just for me. After the massage it is so good to be and stay and wait until we meet again. Thank you for suggesting when we’ll meet next time and making everything so easy for me. Thank you, Minna, and for the first time.”

“The shoulder pain and nasty back jam that hindered everyday life eased with a few treatments and good exercise instructions, which I follow diligently. Good expertise, I warmly recommend Minna to others.

Paraffin treatment for hands!

Paraffin therapy is a warming, skin-treating, circulatory and local metabolic treatment. The treatment relieves pain in the joints of the fingers and small muscles and cartilage in the palm of the hand.