The menu is ordered in advance no later than one week before uniformly for the whole group. The order is invoiced according to the confirmed number of people.

“The day started well with a joint breakfast, oatmeal and berry smoothie that eased a healthy stomach, so the meeting day went smoothly. For lunch we enjoyed a tasty salmon pasta.”

Villa Inzoi offers a good setting for companies and entrepreneurs in Siuntio, Near the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, for meeting and work community day in Uusimaa.

Working day or meeting day, start with a tasty breakfast

Tasty breakfast, delicious lunch on the cozy glass terrace. Fruit and small sweets are served. The coffee machine is available to the group throughout the day. During the day, the mind and body calm down, although by taking a short break in the hammock, loiting or outdoors in the rural milihouse.

Breakfast options, from £12,00/ person

  • Stewed organic oatmeal or Natural yogurt with bran
  • Bread, cheese or cold cuts, vegetables, boiled or fried egg
  • Berry smoothie or freshly pressed orange juice
  • Nespresso coffee machine in use, stewed tea

Special diets can also be implemented, additional price

Lunch options, from 16,00€ / person

  • Carrot puree soup with ginger or broccoli puree soup
  • Cottage cheese or feta cheese
  • Oat bread + cold cuts or cheese
  • Three-fish pasta or chicken pasta
  • Nespresso coffee/stewed tea + chocolate
  • Coffee and earstick

Special diets can also be implemented, additional price

For an evening party or dinner, from 12,00€ / person

  • Tomato mozzarella pie with salad salad
  • Smoked income with salad or seasonal vegetables
  • Pizzamix with vegetables
  • Raclette cheese package; for example, fish and meat products, vegetables,

Special diets can also be implemented, at an additional cost